Baritone and Soprano are, like a goodly number of married couples, trying to raise a Catholic family in a pagan society.  To that end, we hope this blog can be a useful resource for other Catholics and helpful perhaps even for those who are not Catholic.

This is a personal blog.  It does not operate in any official capacity, nor does it speak on behalf of the Catholic Church, her bishops or priests.  The opinions given are solely those of the authors.  This Catholic Living blog is Catholic insofar as its authors are Catholics who accept all that the Catholic Church teaches.

We’d like to maintain our anonymity on this site to that extent which we can; however, it might be of interest to know a little about us.

Baritone is a software engineer, former seminarian, one-time schola director, choir member, and amateur composer.  He has written a number of sacred motets and two Mass settings. One of the Masses was written for his wedding (in which he married Soprano).  He is also the author of some iOS apps.  Here is one app (of several) he had something to do with.

Soprano, when not running after the little ones, sings with Baritone in the same choir.  A mother and homemaker, she also masquerades as a big wig in a small, local company.  Before her marriage, she traveled to Europe a few times, and some of her photographs made it into a reprinting of The Pilgrim’s Guide to Rome’s Principal Churches.

Baritone and Soprano attend Mass regularly at an FSSP apostolate.

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